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A very warm welcome to Big Cat Games - the site where the games are free and the fun in unlimited. We work around the clock to provide our visitors, that is you, a good amount of free online games. With the internet and technology booming every day, it is quite easy to find gaming websites with free games that you can enjoy all day long. But what is different about our gaming portal is that we have games which are fun to play only. We do not add every game that gets released, we only add the ones that we think will be loved by many. If you do not love a game we do not add it.

So our games are carefully selected and we receive very less or no complains about the online games that we provide in this gaming site. We also make sure that all the games are working at all the times. Sometimes it might not load properly and we fix such problems on our games instantly. We are also open to any type of feedback that you provide to us regarding the games and the site as a whole. We want to listen to what you feel about our website all the time so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will enforce what you need as soon as possible.

We have categories of games such as Action, Adventure, Arcade, Shooting, Sports and so on. The games under these categories are exactly described by categories. Suppose if you want to play some shooting games then you will go to the respective category and you will find pages of shooting games which you can rearrange under your own preferences so you select a game that you like. We are also constantly looking to add new games to these categories so you can freely suggest a game or describe a type of game that you would like to see.

Enjoy an array of online free games that we have selected, played and approved ourselves. The games come in different forms and most of the games that we have are flash games while others are shockwave games. Each of these require their own type of plugin for your browser. Select the games that you like and start to play instantly. We host all the games on the site itself so you will not get redirected to other websites. So if you are looking for free online flash games, properly designed gaming portal, the best games in the flash and shockwave games history, and a hassle free online play experience with minimum advertisements then you have com to the right place. Welcome to BigCatGames the games portal for everyone, available anytime and fun all the time.

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